Q: What do I do if I started my timer too soon?

You can't restart the timer, but you can edit your start time by tapping "Edit" on the Course screen. Change your "Left Mt Hood" or "Left Portland" time and tap Save. Don't forget to upload this change on the Sync screen if you are in charge of timing for your van. 

Q: When will the app be available?

The app is available now!



Q: Do I need an account to use the app?

Yes, only registered participants can sign in and use the app.

Q: How do I start timing my team?

On race day, the countdown on the Timing screen will change to a slider that you use to start the race when your first runner leaves the starting line.

Q: Can I update leg assignments from the app?

No. Leg assignments must be performed by your captain at https://register.hoodtocoast.com. You can get the latest leg assignments by pulling down on the team list on the Team screen (iOS) or by ****DOING THIS ON ANDROID****.

Q: How do I update my team's name and picture?

Your captain can update your team name at https://register.hoodtocoast.com. You captain can update the team picture in the app on the Team screen by tapping Edit.

Q: How do I update my picture?

On the Settings screen, tap the camera icon. Your picture will be synced to your team. Other teams cannot see your picture.

Q: Does the app track my team's location?

No. The app uses the estimated pace times and completed leg data it collects to estimate when each leg starts and when your current runner should be at the exchange. The app only uses GPS to show your current location on the course map.

Q: I missed a handoff (or five)! Panic! What do I do.

  1. On the timing screen, slide to hand off until the app is caught up to the leg that's currently running.
  2. On the Course screen, tap Edit at the top of the legs list.
  3. Enter the time for each handoff you missed.
  4. Tap Save.
  5. If you are your team's designated timer, make sure to upload your data on the Sync screen, or have your teammates scan your code.

Q: Who is my team's timer?

That's up to you. We recommend nominating one or two devices per van to be the timing devices. When the owner of the device is running, they can give it to another teammate to do the handoff. If the timer needs to run with her phone, make sure she sends her data to another teammate who can be at the exchange to do the handoff.

Q: How does the app sync data with my teammates?

The best way to keep your whole team up to date in near real-time is to upload data after each handoff.

  1. Slide to hand off.
  2. On the Handoff screen, tap Upload Data.
  3. Confirm that you want to upload.
  4. Your teammates will be notified that there is new timing data to download.

Your van's designated timing device should upload data after each handoff, to ensure that there are no gaps in the cloud version of the data. If you do forget to upload after an exchange, or if there's no cell reception at an exchange, you can upload all of your data at once from the Sync screen when you have service again. Or...

Q: What if I don't have cellular service?

You can use the in-app QR code to share data with your teammates in the other van at van exchanges. To share data with a teammate via code:

  1. Go to the Sync screen and tap the Send tab. Your code will appear.
  2. Your teammate taps the Receive tab on the Sync screen and scans your code.
  3. When the app detects the code, your data is transferred to your teammate.

If you are at a major van exchange with no cellular service, QR code sync may be your only option to send your data to the teammates in your other van.