Runcast tells you the best time to run based on the weather forecast and your preferred running conditions.

When to Run

You want to run. We want you to run. Runcast will give you three suggestions about the best time to get out for a run:

  • RUN NOW means that the conditions for running are good for at least the next 30 minutes.
  • RUN LATER means that current conditions don't meet your criteria for good running weather. Runcast will automatically find the next time that matches your preferences, based on the current forecast.
  • RUN ANYWAY means that there are no hours in the current day that match your criteria. 
BE CAREFUL: Run Anyway doesn't necessarily mean that it's safe to run. Check the actual conditions and don't run if the weather is dangerous (ex. very high wind, extreme heat).

Refreshing the Runcast

  • If it's been at least 5 minutes since your last refresh, Runcast will automatically refresh when you launch the app.
  • To manually refresh, pull down on the main screen until the loading indicator is full and begins to spin.

  • Runcast will refresh every time you return to the main screen from the Settings screen, to make sure the runcast is up to date with your preferences.


Tap the gear icon to change your ideal running weather conditions.

Runcast will only suggest a time to run if:

  • The temperature is between your high and low temperature settings
  • The wind speed is less than your wind speed setting
  • The time is not in your recovery period

Recovery Period

To make it easier to scan for good times to run, the home screen only shows hours that are not in your recovery period. If you want to see more hours in the list, make your recovery period smaller (ex. 11 PM to 1 AM, 2 hours).

Show Bad Weather Setting

By default, hours that don't match your weather settings are hidden from the list on the home screen. You can tap "Show Bad Weather" to see them. Bad hours have a red background behind the time. To always show bad weather, turn on the "Always Show Bad Weather" switch in Settings.

Share the Runcast!

Tap the share icon to post your current runcast to Twitter or Facebook, or to send it to your running partner in an sms.

Weather Data

Runcast gets is weather data from In some areas, some weather data may not be available at all times. This may affect Runcast's ability to give you minute-based recommendations (like approaching rain).